HOPE Initiative launches Naloxone Project (Audio Excerpts)

HOPE Initiative launches Naloxone Project

Below are a few audio excerpts from the speakers at the launch event. 

Commentary by Damon Martinez, United States Attorney District of New Mexico
Naloxone: “New Mexicans are becoming tragically aware that our state is at the center of the heroin and opioid epidemic… The UNM Health Sciences Center and the US Attorney’s office will enlist law enforcement agencies throughout New Mexico to join HOPE’s lifesaving efforts by implementing Naloxone protocols and carrying Naloxone.”

Commentary by Bruce G. Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General
Naloxone: "Our enforcement efforts are much more effective when they are part of a larger strategy..."

Commentary by Pete Kassetas, New Mexico State Police Chief
Naloxone: "We had four deployments, and four saves."

Commentary by Dr. Joanna G. Katzman, Director of the UNM Pain Clinic
Naloxone: "Research has shown us that when citizens lives are saved by Naloxone, they are more likely to get treated for addiction..."

Commentary by Jeffrey Hogrefe, Taos County Sheriff
Naloxone: "For me, it's about saving lives... It could be just that turning point that the person needs, to turn around..."

Commentary by John Burge, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, BIA
Naloxone: "A lot of time, we are the first ones on scene... It's our job to show up and render aid, and that's exactly what we did."

Commentary by Maggie Hart Stebbins, Bernalillo County Commissioner
Naloxone: "I'm proud to say that... Bernalillo County's first responders have been carrying and using Naloxone to save lives in our community."

Commentary by Manuel Gonzales III, Bernalillo County Sheriff
Naloxone: "It's not our job to decide who lives and dies... Our job is to remain neutral and to render aid when we get there as first responders."

Kyle Stake